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Wave Energy References

In our opinion, an excellent and up to date reference is found in:

  • Cruz J. (2008) Editor, “Ocean Wave Energy: Current Status and Future Perspectives” Published by Springer-Verlag, 423 pages.

In the USA, the Electric Power Research Institute (www.epri.com) provides numerous wave energy reports.  Recent presentations by Roger Bedard on the state of wave energy and economic aspects are: EPRI Wave Energy Tech Summary; and,  EPRI Wave Energy Economics.

A comprehensive summary and discussion of licensing and permitting requirements for wave energy projects was published by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust (www.oregonwave.org).  The reader is advised  to take a deep breath before referring to pp 27-30 in:  owet – licensing permitting report.

A  programmatic EIS, developed for the  Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), providing a guideline for the work  that will have to be performed for wave energy projects can be found in: http://ocsenergy.anl.gov/ .

A report on the market potential in developing nations in the Asia Pacific region is given in: OTEC & Wave Energy Potential for Asia Pacific Developing Nations .

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