Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center

OTEC Symposium-2013 (with 2015 updates)

The International OTEC Symposium

Honolulu Convention Center, Oahu September 9-10, 2013

with updates from

September 2015 in Malaysia

1) Policies, Finance and Incentives

A distinguished panel of speakers from France, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, The Netherlands and the USA presented their vision as well as national frameworks to achieve the implementation of OTEC Plants.

2) Developers Perspective

In a unique format representatives from the major firms involved in the world-wide commercialization of OTEC plants presented their plans and held a round table discussion with audience participation

3) The Ocean Environment

Speakers from academic institutions and the private sector presented analytical work and computer modeling that has led to estimates of the ocean thermal resource for the sustainable global application of OTEC along with the potential environmental impact during operations. A field program designed by the University of Hawaii to monitor the ocean conditions prior and during operations of the Honolulu Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) system was presented along with preliminary measurements.

4) Experimental Plants & OTEC Technology Lessons learned from the design and operation of OTEC experimental plants were presented. In addition, heat exchangers, turbines and working fluids for OTEC applications were discussed.

5) Other Applications

Uses of the seawater drawn from depths of about 600 m to 1,000 m for applications other than OTEC were discussed. In addition, designs of seawater conduits and pipes for OTEC and SWAC were presented.

6) Summary and Recommendations

A forum was held for open discussions and a historical summary of OTEC was presented  Vega bias USA OTEC History for Sep 2013 Symposium


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