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OTEC References

7 thoughts on “OTEC References

  1. Jon W.

    This is very fascinating. There are several challanges but they all seem to be managable (with the exception of funding). It’s amazing how relatively simple the concept is but how challanging some of the hurdles can be. I really look forward to seeing a working pre-commercial plant in the near future.

  2. mlmsuccess

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  3. Pedro Aquino

    This is the right site for anybody who truly wants to find out about this subject. You definitely put an alternative spin on a issue thats been discussed for years. Excellent stuff, outstanding!

  4. YeMoon Um

    This Article give me many info. about OTEC. What’s the Criteria of Site selection and history of this project. This kind of project also have started in Korea too. But I know the Energy Efficiency is the factor that must be developed. Anyway This Site is very useful to me to study about OTEC Thanks

  5. james lau

    In the 2010 paper by Vega and Michaelis, a preliminary plant ship description is available as OTC 20957. I am not able to find cost estimated of OTEC plants based on the paper. I wonder if there is any follow up efforts. I am sure ocean structure should be mostly submerged so that during severe weather (tropical storms of any category), the stress and strain on the ocean structure can be minimized by going into greater depth. OTEC thermal resource is below the ocean surface so that above surface structure only needs to help locate the OTEC plant and provide communication links. I want to share my proposal for a basically submerge OTEC power plant design. I hope you are willing to open up my attached Word file when I send the file to you. I am sure a lot more details need to be included before testing any hardware. I include some cost estimate of my OTEC proposal. OTEC should be able to provide electricity (for Hawaii) at 2 cents per kilo-watt-hour. Islands may be defined as ocean structures with above surface portion. Because OTEC energy resource is below the surface, OTEC energy island only need small above surface portion.

    Is there going to be another OTEC symposium in 2016?

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