Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Hawai’i Marine Energy Resources

In Hawai’i, OTEC electricity generators, fueled with near shore ocean thermal resources, can supply all electricity consumed throughout the year and at all times of the day. With the development of electric vehicles, OTEC could also supply all electricity required to support land transportation.  All domestic water needs can also be satisfied with desalinated water produced with OTEC systems. This renewable ocean resource is vast enough to met additional electricity demand equivalent to several times present consumption (e.g., see Ocean Thermal Resource offshore Hawaiian Islands). Further information is given in the OTEC Thermal Resource  and the  OTEC References pages.

In an annual basis, wave energy conversion (WEC) devices could generate more than 30% of the electricity presently consumed in the State (e.g., see  Wave Resource Report October 11 2010 with an updated version using thirty-four (34) years long wind records as input to the wave numerical models Hawaii Wave Energy Resources from 34 Year Hindcast .

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