Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center

Advanced Wave Forecasting

P.I.: Prof. Kwok-Fai Cheung, Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering

Objective(s): Identify time windows and locations around the Hawaiian Islands that are most favorable for the operation of wave power systems through hindcasting and forecasting protocols and methods.

Presently:  7.5-day wave forecasts for the Hawaiian Islands at 6-km resolution and the individual islands at 600-m resolution using a suite of numerical models compiled by the Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering (ORE). http://oceanforecast.org

Project: Improve accuracy of the wave forecast using high-resolution wind data and develop a Wave Atlas of the Hawaiian Islands.  Improved wave forecasting accuracy will aid the deployment and operation of test devices, while the Wave Atlas will offer detailed information about the wave energy resource for this and other applications. A report documenting the 34-Year wave hindcast has been completed: Hawaii Wave Energy Resources from 34 Year Hindcast

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